Senate Republicans Make Millions Suffer By Blocking Clean Bill To Reopen the Government

A group of Senate Republicans blocked a bill that would have reopened the federal government until February 8.

Some Senate Republicans who voted Democrats to reopen the government included Sens. Alexander, Collins, Isakson, Murkowski, and Romney.

All Senate Democrats voted for this bill.

Senate Republicans are going down with the Trump ship

The group of Senate Republicans who stuck with Trump did so at the expense of millions of people and the good of the country. Trump and McConnell aren’t going to win this shutdown. There is not going to be any funding for the wall. What these two votes in the Senate demonstrated is that Democrats are more united than Republicans on the shutdown. Trump’s support is crumbling in Congress.

This was not the display of strength and solidarity that Trump and McConnell were hoping to see.

The votes made it crystal clear who is to blame for the continuation of this shutdown. Republicans blocked the same bill that they passed a little more than a month ago.

Republicans just took a bad situation and made it one hundred times worse, as they are committed to crashing and burning with Trump.

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