Ari Melber Explains Why Roger Stone Indictment Is Devastating For Trump

MSNBC’s Ari Melber explains that Mueller is laying out the evidence that someone connected to Trump was trying to get illegally obtained materials to benefit Trump.

Melber said on MSNBC, “This is the first time we’ve seen a theory for attempted collusion or conspiracy. Doesn’t mean they pulled it off. We’re in a new place this morning we haven’t been before from Mueller, which is laying out evidence and arguments that there was an individual linked to Donald Trump who was actively trying to get illegally obtained materials for Donald Trump during the campaign. For the benefit of Donald Trump. That’s new.”


The Stone Indictment Is Devastating For Trump

Trump has gone from literally at times screaming no collusion to maybe collusion to yes, there was collusion but it didn’t involve me, to my friend colluded for my benefit. The amount of wiggle room that Trump decreases with each new development. Trump is a notorious micromanager. As Michael Cohen said, nothing happens at the Trump Organization without Donald Trump knowing about it. Trump’s campaign headquarters were inside Trump Tower. It is unfathomable that Trump both didn’t know and wasn’t giving the orders to Roger Stone.
Stone isn’t Jared Kushner’s friend or Steve Bannon’s friend for decades. Roger Stone was Donald Trump’s longtime friend and advisor. The Stone indictment is a huge leap toward connecting the President himself to conspiring with Russia. The White House is struggling to explain this away because they can’t. All they can do is pretend like there wasn’t a relationship between Trump and Stone, and that Roger Stone was acting without Trump’s knowledge.

Robert Mueller knows the truth, and which each indictment, he is laying out the facts in devastating fashion for the American people.

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