Brennan: Next Mueller Indictments May Include Trump’s Children

Former CIA director John Brennan was on MSNBC’s Morning Joe today, predicting that more indictments would be coming soon in special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe. And he shocked his audience when he made the suggestion that Mueller’s new indictments could include members of President Donald Trump’s immediate family.

Brennan made his comments shortly after it became public that FBI agents had arrested Trump campaign associate Roger Stone on seven felony counts this morning at his home in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Stone had been a subject for quite some time in Mueller’s investigation of illegal Russian interference in the 2016 American election, and possible conspiracy between Russia and Donald Trump’s campaign.

In his televised remarks Brennan said:

“In the summer of 2016 we were watching what was happening in terms of what was being released by WikiLeaks and how the Russian hand was behind this.”

“So the intermediary was something looked at very closely by the FBI and others, so again, this indictment is not surprising in any respect.”

“I expect in the next 60 days you’re going to have a fair number — a significant number of indictments. I think people are waiting for the report that is coming out from Robert Mueller. What I look for most are the indictments. it’s so rich in detail. To me all of these indictments will be basically the compendium of Robert Mueller’s, the special counsel’s investigation.”

Then he added, alluding to Donald Trump’s children:

“I expect there to be a significant number, and a significant number of names that will be quite familiar to the average American.”

Brennan said he and James Comey (who was then FBI Director) had investigated in the summer of 2016 the many direct connections between Donald Trump’s campaign and Russians who were attempting to illegally influence the election on Trump’s behalf.

“There was an extensive effort to try to influence the outcome of the election that involved the Russians, that involved U.S. persons and that may have gone to the very top of the Trump campaign,” Brennan said, then added:

“I think the shoes that are yet to drop are going to be the ones that are going to be the most profound and that will hit the people at the top of the organization.”

When a reference is made to “people at the top” of the Trump organization, it can only refer to the president and to his immediate family. The top people in Trump’s business, in his charity, and in his campaign included only Donald, Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric Trump.

John Brennan has now publicly predicted what millions of people have thought — and hoped — would happen soon: that Donald Trump’s children would be indicted by Robert Mueller and formally charged with at least some of the multitude of crimes which they have committed through the years.

It appears that the Trump crime family will soon be destroyed, which is exactly what they deserve.

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