Indictment Shows ‘New Connections’ Between Trump and WikiLeaks

CNN on Friday analyzed the explosive new indictment of longtime Trump friend and associate Roger Stone, who was arrested by the FBI Friday morning in his Ft. Lauderdale, Florida home.

Special counsel Robert Mueller obtained the indictment Thursday evening in Washington, D.C., charging Stone with one count of obstruction of justice, five counts of false statements, and one count of witness tampering.

CNN analyst John Berman discussed two specific items in the Stone indictment which he say reveal important “new connections” between the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks.

He identified language on the bottom of the third page of the indictment, which states that:

“By in or around June and July 2016, Stone informed senior Trump Campaign officials that he had information indicating [WikiLeaks] had documents whose release would be damaging to the Clinton Campaign.”

Berman then cited another paragraph which says:

“After the July 22, 2016 release of stolen DNC emails by [WikiLeaks], a senior Trump Campaign official was directed to contact Stone about any additional releases and what other damaging information [WikiLeaks] had regarding the Clinton Campaign.”

According to the CNN analyst:

“The words ‘Trump campaign’ and ‘WikiLeaks’ [are] all over those two paragraphs. The Trump campaign was aware of… and directing at a certain level, coordination with WikiLeaks.”

In the video, CNN’s David Gregory then moved the conversation to look at the bigger issue of how Trump sought help from various external sources. According to Gregory,  “the Trump campaign was open for business for any opposition research, whether it was from the Russians or anybody else.”

The indictment makes clear that there was collusion between the Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign and WikiLeaks, and that Roger Stone was the go-between. In a sense, the indictment formalizes charges that had been appearing in the media for months.

For example, last December, we explained “the timeline behind what many people suspect is connected to President Trump discussing WikiLeaks on the campaign trail, following the daily release of John Podesta‘s emails by WikiLeaks on Oct. 7, 2016.”

In November we reported that “Jerome Corsi told Roger Stone about the Wikileaks plan to dump John Podesta‘s emails in October, and Stone called Trump the next day.”

In other words, the Stone indictment is not just about Roger Stone. It is really about the president and his campaign which colluded and conspired with various different individuals and entities to illegally harm his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

After agents of the Russian government illegally stole emails from Democrats, they gave those emails to WikiLeaks, who then published them for the purpose of helping Donald Trump become president.

Now we know that top officials of the Trump campaign, as well as Donald Trump himself, knew what was going on and encouraged these crimes to take place. This proves that Trump was fraudulently elected, and should never have become President of the United States.

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