Robert Mueller Has Broken Trump By Indicting Roger Stone

Trump could only respond to the Stone indictment with a gibberish filled tweet, which is proof that Mueller has broken Donald Trump.

Trump tweeted:

Mueller broke Trump’s brain

Trump’s tweet makes no sense. It is just random Trump catchphrases thrown together. Some classics are in there, like witch hunt and no collusion, along with a dash of racist wall babble, combined with a conspiratorial attack on CNN.

Mueller has broken Trump’s brain down to its most basic level, and all the president can do is try to throw out as many of his greatest hits as possible in the hope of distracting his supporters and keeping them with him.

Trump offered no defense, except to claim that the crimes that people are being charged with don’t exist, which they do, and the Special Counsel has the evidence to back it up.

Donald Trump can’t offer any explanation for the Russia scandal that is based in fact because he is guilty.

Robert Mueller has connected Trump’s friend and advisor to crimes committed to benefit Trump, and the president’s response has been to completely break into pieces.

Donald Trump is falling apart, and the collapse is visible in 280 characters or less.

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