Listen To The Desperation Of Sarah Sanders As She Tries To Distance Trump From Stone

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders sounded desperate as she tried to distance Donald Trump from the freshly indicted Roger Stone.

Sanders said on CNN, “I know the charges are about whether or not he gave false statements. That’s on that individual. That has nothing to do with the president. Those are the charges they have brought against this individual when you want to get into specific questions, you’ll have to talk to the president’s outside counsel on that.”


All of these people were working with the Russians and then lying about it to Congress and investigators, but that has nothing to do with Donald Trump. That’s what the White House wants you to believe.

Sarah Sanders has gone from defiant and angry in answering Russia scandal questions to sounding increasingly desperate as the pieces fall into place and the investigation closes in on Trump.

There was no actual denial from Sarah Sanders

Sarah Sanders was asked twice if Trump directed his campaign to contact Roger Stone about Wikileaks, and it is telling that she didn’t answer.


Sanders never denied anything for a few different reasons. First, she’s not being given the information by Trump. Second, whatever Trump is telling her is not true. At some point, Sanders has to protect herself. If she makes statements that she knows are false, then she could find herself in the middle of an investigation.

The desperation is obvious, as the White House is out of tricks and excuses to defend Trump on the Russia scandal.

The end is coming, and Sarah Sanders is about to go down with the Trump ship.

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