Bill Maher Gets Ann Coulter To Admit Donald Trump Is An Insane Liar

During an interview on HBO’s ‘Real Time’ late Friday, Bill Maher got Ann Coulter to admit that Donald Trump is an insane liar – but she said it’s one of the reasons she likes him.

Maher pointed to Trump‘s latest fiction that Democrats are breaking in favor of his border wall.

“No Democrats are saying that,” Maher said. “That’s exactly the opposite of their position.”

The HBO host continued, “He builds on his own lie from two seconds before. He is not f***ing sane. He is not a sane person, really. He convinced himself of his own reality. That is so dangerous.”

Coulter‘s response? She’s cool with that.


Coulter on Trump‘s pathological lying:

I went into this fully clear-eyed. Again, we liked that about him. … We thought that he wouldn’t care about what the elites thought and he’d actually keep his promises on this. … I find his puffery really charming. … It makes me laugh. That’s fine. I like that about him. Just keep your promise and I’m right back in his camp.

Base Trump supporters are a lost cause

Many pundits like to speculate about how Democrats can win over Trump supporters in 2020. They’ve spent countless hours in local diners trying to crack the MAGA code.

But what Ann Coulter showed on Friday is that they are a lost cause. The media and Democrats need to stop pretending that base Trump supporters are influenced by logical reasoning.

It’s not that the president’s supporters don’t recognize that he is a dangerous liar. They aren’t unaware that he spins webs of falsehoods in every breath. As Coulter demonstrated, they are. They’re just okay with it.

Luckily, this is not where the majority of the country is. Most Americans see Trump as a dangerous, unfit president who conned his way into the White House, and they’re eager to replace him in 2020.

Those voters – those without red hats – are the voters Democrats need to focus on in 2020 and beyond.

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