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Nancy Pelosi Is The Perfect Salve For Trump’s Sexist Criminal Chaos

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the perfect person to lead the resistance to Donald Trump’s unpatriotic presidency, a power he built on mob-style intimidation and childish bullying techniques.

Nancy Pelosi knows that Donald Trump is just a little man hiding behind a curtain of bravado.
This is why Miss Nancy, as she was so perfectly dubbed by one of the federal workers for whom she stood up against the play-doh president, knows that the façade of strongman strength will crumble if challenged with rightful power.

Now that she is in the position to do so, Pelosi, as the leader of a co-equal branch of government, will not allow the toddler Trump to run wild. She said of the Trump government shutdown: “It’s a temper tantrum by the president. I’m the mother of five, grandmother of nine. I know a temper tantrum when I see one.”

But it’s more than that. Pelosi started her career as a smart young woman and a beautiful one. She understands men like Donald Trump. She knows what men like that do to young women, and she also knows that men like that can’t handle mature women, let alone mature women with power.

Pelosi is not just doing her job to finally put a constitutional check on this presidency — this crime and ethics violation ridden presidency, but she is quietly giving the women of this country the feeling that they matter and she won’t let this subjugating tyrant get off on hurting people anymore.


Now when Trump hurts people, he will pay. He won’t get his Vanity Wall. He gets nothing until he behaves.

The grab-‘em-by-the-p*ssy because he can tyrant is being brought down.

The message is: ‘No, you can’t Donald. Actually, you cannot. There are rules and you will abide.’

For the women who have spent the last three years gas lit and triggered, suffering what I called, on November 10th of 2016, Trump Traumatic Stress Disorder, Pelosi-in-power can be a stabilizing salve to their wounds.

Pelosi knows Donald Trump. They are from the same generation, and she knows better than most how the worst men of that age behaved toward women.

Pelosi survived decades of the sexist attacks aimed at undercutting her power, the rather constant need for the Right to sexualize her as if this would diminish her (the psychology behind that is as pervasive as it is horrifying), only to rise from the last two years of Trump trashing our beloved country as the Warrior Woman who has a spine of steel to stand up to the evil king.

Finally, someone will call his bluff. And now that she has, denying him his SOTU until he pays American workers suffering due to his petulant shutdown, Trump is, as Mike Cernovich tweeted, “a broken man.”

Because the first rip in the curtain revealed to all the little man behind the nasty tweets; Trump is not impervious, after all. Yes, even Donald, with his Russian bot help and hackers at his disposal, is vulnerable to public opinion.

And public opinion can only be tricked for so long.

I wrote yesterday, “Trump’s mistake is that he projects himself onto others and therefore can’t understand what makes Pelosi tick. He can’t win with her because she’s playing a different game.”

Trump can’t win against Pelosi, because he is playing for himself and she is playing for the people.

Sure, there are people who disagree with Pelosi’s policy stances and who didn’t want her as Speaker, and it’s inevitable that she will temporarily lose favor among her own side at some point in the future, but no one can legitimately accuse her of not caring about working Americans. She has spent her public life fighting for working Americans, while Trump has spent his short two years in power sucking the money and life out of America for his own benefit.


Last night, after pushing Trump into submission on the shutdown, Pelosi not only issued a statement on Roger Stone, but also tweeted it out in parceled bits, making sure the president would see.

“What does Putin have on @realDonaldTrump, politically, personally or financially?” She coolly asked to world, driving the next narrative before Trump could finish licking his wounds from the last round.
Predictably, this drove him insane.

The age of reason is upon us, for we have this woman who can bring all of her experience with men like Trump and use it to her/our advantage in taming the little Oz behind the curtain.

Do not be confused; Pelosi is not being petty or mean-spirited. That would be too easy, and would be Trump’s game. Pelosi is calling the shots, she is playing by her rules, not his. She is setting narratives, not reacting.

Pelosi approaches Trump’s position as president with the respect it deserves. This respect is a way of avoiding the mud that Trump revels in, and from there she can, Obama-style, politely poke the bear until he reveals his cowardly, weak underbelly to the world in a humiliatingly weak Twitter wail.

Pelosi does not waste words, and when she says that the President must think Americans can just ask their dad for money to eat, she was only following up on what he and his Commerce Secretary said out loud as they expressed Marie Antoinette level bewilderment that furloughed workers needed to go to a food bank, when they could just get a loan from the bank like privileged people do, or get free groceries with an IOU. This only mean-spirited if one confuses being nice with being kind.

Pelosi is only concerned with the people getting their paycheck and holding this toxic, two-faced, mercurial con artist accountable, because he is not good for this country – and that is not an ideological point of view, that is a fact. We are way past “sides” – we are now engaged in a battle to uphold what is left of western democracy.


For all of the good she will do for the country, Pelosi is also helping millions of women who have been victimized by men like Trump and have spent the last two plus years in a dark place beyond rage and grief, as their own country seemingly betrayed their very value as human beings. All people who have been victimized by a grossly privileged bully will get some satisfaction in this one being held in check for once.

It took a woman like Pelosi to do it.


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