Kamala Harris Draws Massive Crowd of 20,000+ To Campaign Kick Off

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 11:26 am

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) showed that she could draw a crowd to a rally as more than 20,000 showed up to her campaign kickoff event.

MSNBC reported from the scene, “I have covered a lot of these campaign kickoffs. This one looked really strong. The outpouring support of the hometown of Kamala Harris was extraordinary. 20,000 people, as you said, was the estimate by the county of how many people were actually in the perimeter. Outside the perimeter, the roads were lined with people they were just all over the place, blocks and blocks away, they couldn’t even see her and yet they came out from this big rally. From a crowd perspective, it was really, really strong.”


In the speech itself, Sen. Harris had a clear message:

Who are we? Who are we as Americans? So, let’s answer that question. To the world. And each other. Right here. And, right now.

America, we are better than this.

When we have leaders who lie and bully and attack a free press and undermine our democratic institutions that’s not our America. When white supremacists march and murder in Charlottesville or massacre innocent worshipers at a Pittsburgh synagogue that’s not our America. When we have children in cages crying for their mothers and fathers, don’t you dare call it border security, that’s a human rights abuse and that’s not our America. When we have leaders who attack public schools and vilify public school teachers that’s not our America. When bankers who crashed our economy get bonuses but workers who brought our country back can’t even get a raise that’s not our America.


And when American families are barely living paycheck to paycheck, what is this administration’s response? Their response is to try to take away health care from millions of families. Their response is to give away a trillion dollars to the biggest corporations in this country. And their response is to blame immigrants as the source of all our problems. And guys lets understand what is happening here: People in power are trying to convince us that the villain in our American story is each other. But that is not our story. That is not who we are. That’s not our America. Our United States of America is not about us versus them. It’s about We the people!

Kamala Harris Will Be A Force In The Democratic Primary

Sem. Harris showed that she can take the political gifts that have so many people excited about her for years and apply them to come through on a big stage with a speech that delivered a message and connected with voters. In what is going to be a very crowded Democratic primary field, the ability to draw a crowd will be vital.

Harris begins this contest with having the home state advantage in the big California Democratic primary.

Sen. Harris should fare well in South Carolina, although it might be difficult for anyone not named Joe Biden to win that state. Biden has a solid and deep organization in South Carolina, but Harris should do very well.

Kamala Harris was able to address the nation and the two most important questions for any candidate. Sen. Harris answered why she wants to be president, and why voters should support her.

Harris might be the Democratic favorite at this moment, but she has the look and message of a solid candidate who will be around for a long time.

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