Steve Martin Nails Roger Stone on Saturday Night Live

All-time favorite comedian Steve Martin returned to Saturday Night Live (SNL) last night to play newly-indicted adviser to President Donald Trump, Roger Stone.

On Thursday night Stone was charged with suspicion of obstruction, giving false statements and witness tampering. He was arrested by the FBI during a pre-dawn raid on his home in Florida on Friday. Stone is a key player in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian influence on the 2016 presidential election, and the conspiracy between Russia and the Trump campaign.

“Here with his side of the story is a man you look at and instantly think, I trust this guy. Please welcome Roger Stone.” #SNL @SteveMartinToGo

The SNL version of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, played by Alex Moffat, characterized Stone as a man so old and decrepit that he’s “barely able to post shirtless photos of his jacked body.”

Stone appeared to be excited about his predicament and and bragged about all the radio and television appearances he had made after his arrest.

“I mean seven felonies — one, two — I can’t even count that high,” he said. “How cool is that?”

He said he started a crowdfunding effort based on a phrase people have been shouting at him: “Hey Roger, go fund yourself.”

He also directed a key set of words, close to Martin’s own catchphrase of “excuse me,” at the president: “Pardon me!”

SNL’s Carlson also invited Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to address criticism of his suggestion that workers impacted by the shutdown could take out bank loans.

Ross, a real-life billionaire played on SNL by Kate McKinnon, had more advice for those impacted by the shutdown that ended Friday, saying:

“They could have liquidated some of their stocks or sold one of their paintings. I mean even if they sold a lesser Picasso, it’s still going to get you through a week or two of yacht maintenance.”

Next up is Secretary of Commerce and man of the people, Wilbur Ross. #SNL

The Ross character also suggested that those who own horses could have them “attend public school.”

In the “Weekend Update” segment the Trump administration was lampooned for its role in a partial government shutdown that was a disaster for Trump and did nothing to help achieve any of his Trump’s goals.