Democrats Tell Former Starbucks CEO: ‘Don’t Run For President!’

Most Democrats don’t want a billionaire as their presidential candidate in 2020, according to an article published this morning by NBC News. And many of them are now telling longtime Democrat and billionaire businessman Howard Schultz that if he runs as an independent candidate in 2020 he may help Donald Trump get reelected.

“Democrats have been out in full force blasting the idea of an independent presidential bid by longtime Democrat and billionaire businessman Howard Schultz.”

Schultz had said he was “seriously thinking” of running, but he has not convinced many people that the country wants or needs his leadership.

Julián Castro, a former member of Barack Obama’s cabinet, who has announced he is a contender for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, said that the former Starbucks CEO should not run.

“I have a concern that if he did run, that, essentially, it would provide Donald Trump with his best hope of getting re-elected,” Castro said on CNN’s State of the Union.”

Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress, went much further than Castro, tweeting:

Vanity projects that help destroy democracy are disgusting. If he enters the race, I will start a Starbucks boycott because I’m not giving a penny that will end up in the election coffers of a guy who will help Trump win.”

Lord, it’s not living up to the ideals of democracy to have a billionaire be able to launch a run simply because he has billions to do it.”

Schultz appeared in a “60 Minutes” interview on Sunday and said he would seek the presidency as a “centrist independent.”

“We’re living at a most-fragile time not only the fact that this president is not qualified to be the president, but the fact that both parties are consistently not doing what’s necessary on behalf of the American people and are engaged, every single day, in revenge politics,” he told CBS’s Scott Pelley.

Donald Trump tweeted Monday morning that Schultz didn’t have the “guts” to challenge him for the presidency.

“Howard Schultz doesn’t have the “guts” to run for President! Watched him on @60Minutes last night and I agree with him that he is not the “smartest person.” Besides, America already has that! I only hope that Starbucks is still paying me their rent in Trump Tower!”

Schultz said he would run as an independent because “we see extremes on both sides.” When he was asked if he had concerns about taking votes away from Democrats and helping Trump get re-elected, Schultz vaguely answered that he wants to “see the American people win.”

“I don’t care if you’re a Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, Republican,” he added. “Bring me your ideas. And I will be an independent person, who will embrace those ideas. Because I am not, in any way, in bed with a party.”

Schultz may not be in bed with any party, but it is doubtful that anybody really wants him to run for president. There will be many good, distinct choices in the Democratic primaries and there is absolutely no need for an independent to run also, especially if he might help Donald Trump win.

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