Former WH Press Secretary: Everything Trump Says Is ‘Fiction’

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 08:51 pm

Former White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart appeared on CNN’s New Day this morning and said that he believes that President Donald Trump is nearly impossible to negotiate with because everything he says “is fiction.”

“Illegal immigration is at historical lows. There is no crisis at the border,” says Former Clinton White House Press Secretary, @joelockhart about an upcoming potential second government shutdown, adding “everything that the President is saying is fiction”

On Friday Trump declared his own brilliance for ending the government shutdown crisis which he created. He made a statement in the Rose Garden and announced a 21-day window for a new border security bill to be negotiated. He then said if no agreement is reached within this window, he will either force another shutdown or declare a national emergency to get his wall built.

In pointing out that Trump is in a no-win situation, Lockhart, a press secretary in Bill Clinton’s White House, said:

“They’ve already lost the messaging battle on the emergency because if it was an emergency, we would have already acted. It’s him saying it’s an emergency but I’ll give you three weeks to talk about the emergency.”

CNN New Day co-host Alisyn Camerota then asked Lockhart:

“So 5.7 billion dollars, do you think Democrats are willing to give this money if it’s fencing or slats and not a wall, which the president had already worked his way around so he will get a win of his last stated goal?”

To this Lockhart responded:

“Well, he’ll declare victory but it won’t really be a victory. And, again, we will continue the policy that we’ve had.”

“Remember, immigration, illegal immigration is at historical lows. There’s no crisis at the border. So you’ve got to start from the place that everything the president’s saying is fiction.”

And then the former White House Press Secretary concluding by saying:

“It’s very hard to negotiate with someone who’s dealing with a made-up problem.”

Joe Lockhart’s comments this morning point out that Trump has no chance of winning his battle for the border wall. Democrats in the House continue to say they will appropriate no money for Trump’s wall. And his idea of declaring an emergency won’t work because there is no emergency, and his actions would be shot down in court. Trump has lost, and has been humiliated by Nancy Pelosi, but he doesn’t seem to realize it yet.

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