MSNBC Ignores Sarah Sanders’ First Press Briefing Of 2019


As Sarah Sanders hosted a parade of Trump administration officials in an apparent effort to change the news headlines, MSNBC wasn’t buying it and stuck to the big stories that Trump is trying to bury.

MSNBC stuck their policy of not giving this White House a live platform to lie. The network’s Ali Velshi did play a clip of John Bolton announcing the US sanctions against Venezuela, but otherwise, the network held firm with their regular programming.

Sanders claimed that she knew of no one in the White House who worked with Wikileaks:


MSNBC was discussing Roger Stone.

Sanders dodged a question about why Trump employed so many undocumented immigrants at his clubs:

MSNBC wasn’t giving her a platform for dodges, lies, and spin.
The network has made it clear that can’t air any event from this White House without filtering and fact-checking, because of the number of lies, false statements, and flat out propaganda that come from this administration.

MSNBC is number one in cable news because they are placing facts and the needs of their viewers ahead of the lies of Sarah Sanders and Donald Trump.

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