Kamala Harris Gets A Big Presidential Endorsement From Rep. Ted Lieu

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) picked up a big early endorsement as Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) announced his support for her presidential campaign.

Rep. Lieu tweeted:

Kamala Harris gets a big early endorsement

The Lieu endorsement is more evidence that the Harris campaign is organized, serious, and they know what they are doing. Sen. Harris drew a big crowd of over 20,000 people to her campaign launch, and she easily had the best roll out of any of the announced Democratic candidates. Importantly, Harris was able to state why she is running and what she wants to accomplish as president.

Being a candidate from California is an important early asset for Kamala Harris. The test is going to be how her message translates to Iowa, New Hampshire, and the Rust Belt states that Democrats have to take back in order to win the White House.

While the media is distracted by the novelty potential Independent candidacy of Howard Schultz, Kamala Harris is building a solid presidential campaign. Sen. Harris looks like she is going to be an upper tier candidate in the Democratic primary, and so far she has made all the right moves in launching her campaign.

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