The Republican Party Is Openly Whispering That Trump Will Lose In 2020

Republicans whispers are growing louder and more frequent that Donald Trump is going to lead the Republican Party to defeat in 2020.

Republican strategist Mike Murphy summed it up on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports:

My joke is if the president could read minds he’d never want to set foot on capitol hill on either the Democrat or Republican side. I mean, it was significant that you had a handful of senators which is more than the zero we used to see walk away from him on the Democratic bill to fund the country. So there’s no doubt his strength is slipping.

The question is in ten months will it slip enough to really have a primary challenge if something like that to be realistic and right now he is in the driver’s seats with the grassroots of the Republican Party. The signs are ominous because parties don’t like to lose and the Trump brand has gone from “Art of the deal” to going to lose to the liberals and that’s a problem for any political party and I hear all over the GOP now whispered at this point.


Those whispers that Trump is heading for defeat are getting louder. Republican governors have warned Trump that the party is heading for a 2020 disaster if he stays on his current course. The New Times reported over the weekend that even Trump’s own advisers are worried that he has no positive message to run on in 2020, “But even among his own political lieutenants, there is a general recognition that Mr. Trump currently lacks anything resembling a positive message.”

The GOP won’t turn on Trump, so they may be on a 2020 political death march

The Republican Party sold itself to Donald Trump, and they have no way out. The best that could happen to them is that Mueller finds that Trump committed impeachable offenses and he is removed from office, but the clock is working against impeachment. Impeachment proceedings require investigation, hearings, articles, votes, and then a trial. It is a process that takes time. The odds that Trump could be impeached, tried, and convicted before the 2020 election are slim.

Republicans are likely stuck with Trump, which means that those whispers of doom are likely to become waves of defeat by Election Night 2020.