Trump’s Presidency Is Finally Crumbling Under The Weight Of His Constant Lies

Ari Melber laid out how Donald Trump‘s constant stream of lies is finally catching up with him, saying on Monday that even the president’s most ardent supporters are getting sick of his falsehoods.

The MSNBC host said that Trump may like to blame everybody else for his political turmoil, especially in the wake of a humiliating cave to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, but he made his own bed.

“Trump is in trouble because of lies he told all by himself,” the MSNBC host said. “He is living in a perjury trap house he built himself.”


Melber said:

[Trump] is clearly in some political trouble right now. You can tell when these takedowns of a broken pledge and reality-defying lies are coming from Ann Coulter and Lou Dobbs and “Fox & Friends.” Big picture, it is not every week that a president creates the longest shutdown in history and then caves by taking the exact offer he had at the start and draws critiques from the right, left, and center. Nor is it every week that a president looks for a way to hide that cave in plain sight by announcing it the day his longest-serving adviser is indicted. But as you know, I guess that’s the way we live now. And it has, of course, also become something of a cliche to say, ‘Oh, but Trump gets away with things and he’s not held accountable for his lies.’ But look at the facts. Six former aides invited. An open criminal probe. His team is not getting away with everything. Roasted and toasted for broken promises by conservatives, which shows that the falsehoods did hurt him in the shutdown fight. So you know Trump‘s lawyers, they always say they don’t want him to talk or to testify because Mueller would spring a perjury trap. But Trump is in trouble because of lies he told all by himself. He is living in a perjury trap house he built himself.

Trump is caught in a web of his own lies

If you’re Donald Trump, the fact that Ann Coulter and Fox News are starting to sour on you is something that should keep you up at night.

After all, for two years the president has insulated himself inside of a phony reality he built with the help of the very same voices that are now abandoning him following the disastrous government shutdown.

With a majority of the country long recognizing that Trump is a con man, this alternative right-wing reality is all Trump had. With that thin floor of support starting to crack beneath him, he will soon have no ground to stand on.

The lies that Donald Trump spun to build a presidential campaign and boost his illegitimate presidency are finally coming back to haunt him.

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