Rachel Maddow Rules Over Fox With Highest Ratings In MSNBC History

MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show was the top-rated non-sports show on cable television in January for the second straight month.

According to a press release sent to PoliticusUSA by MSNBC, “Maddow continued its reign as the #1 cable news program in both A25-54 and total viewers for the 2nd month in a row. Across all of cable, “Maddow” was the #1 non-sports show between 6 am and midnight. “Maddow” averaged 606,000 viewers A25-54 (vs. FOX News’ 529,000 and CNN’s 462,000) and 3.29M total viewers – the highest total-viewer delivery ever in MSNBC history at 9 pm (vs. FOX News’ 3.01M and CNN’s 1.54M).”

Rachel Maddow is doing what many thought impossible

A few years ago when Fox News was dominating the primetime ratings with Bill O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly, and Sean Hannity many media pundits openly speculated that Fox’s reign of ratings dominance would never end, but that was before the network lost two-thirds of its lineup to a sexual harassment scandal, and was forced to retool around Sean Hannity.

The biggest problem that Fox News has faced is the same one that plagues the Republican Party. The unpopularity of Donald Trump and Fox’s primetime propaganda sellout to the president has left the network with a shrinking base audience that includes Trump himself.

Rachel Maddow and MSNBC Are The Voice Of The Majority

Maddow and the rest of the MSNBC line up are booming because they don’t provide a platform for Trump’s statements and tweets. MSNBC has found a way to discuss the president without spreading his misinformation and false statements. MSNBC puts facts first, and that means airing Trump and his White House on delay or ignoring Sarah Sanders press briefings, and only covering any newsworthy developments.

Viewers appreciate what Maddow and MSNBC are doing. In the time of Trump, they refuse to cater to this president. They are covering the stories that he does not want to talk about, and they are being rewarded with record high ratings.

The Fox News era is over, as the reign of MSNBC has only begun.

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