Former Trump Pastor Busts Hypocrite President For Not Going to Church

A man who was Trump’s pastor for five years called out the president’s bible thumping by noting that Trump never went to church.

David Lewicki tweeeted:

Trump fake religion is his most unbelievable pander

Trump has never been religious, but one of his most unbelievable con jobs has been to fool the willingly blind of the religious right into sticking with him no matter what he does. Trump had an affair with an adult film star while his wife was pregnant, and the religious right had an excuse for that. Trump paid hush money to the adult film star, and the religious right explains it away.
Trump pretends to go to church and the Christian conservatives turn off their brains and lap it up like hungry dogs.

The reality is that Christian conservatives are less about being Christian and have placed a heavy emphasis on the conservative. Trump really isn’t a conservative either, but that is a bit of Republicans flushing their principles down the toilet that is for another time.

Trump doesn’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to talking about the Bible. This president has trashed previous presidents like Barack Obama and George W. Bush who were more faithful that he could ever be.

According to his former pastor, Trump fraud extends into the church and the Bible. The level of disgust with Trump continues to hit a new high with those who have values every single day.

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