A Big Loss For Trump As the Foxconn Deal Looks Dead In Wisconsin

Trump’s Foxconn scam has fallen apart in Wisconsin as the company announced that they wouldn’t be bringing manufacturing back to the state.

The Washington Post reported:

A major jobs deal President Trump has touted with former Wisconsin governor Scott Walker now looks uncertain: Foxconn, a supplier for Apple and other technology firms, says it’s scrapping plans to build a giant new factory in Wisconsin, opting to hire American engineers and researchers instead of a promised fleet of blue-collar workers.

“In Wisconsin we’re not building a factory,” Louis Woo, special assistant to Foxconn Chief Executive Terry Gou, told Reuters. “You can’t use a factory to view our Wisconsin investment.”

The Foxconn project was a Trump and Scott Walker scam

A man who was Trump’s pastor for five years called out the president’s bible thumping by noting that Trump never went to church.”>Scott Walker and Trump’s big idea was to create thousands of jobs by giving Foxconn $4.5 billion in taxpayer money. The Foxconn scam is reminiscent of the Carrier con that Trump and Mime Pence pulled in Indiana where they gave Carrier $7 million in tax breaks to save jobs, only to have the company take the money, and still move the jobs to Mexico.

Trump loves to claim that he is bringing manufacturing back, but the president is doing nothing of the sort.

Instead of creating jobs for US workers, he and his Republican allies are giving corporations handouts in exchange for photo ops that create the illusion of jobs that never materialize.

It is all a fraud, and the people who get hurt the most are taxpayers who lose money that could be used for schools, bridges, and roads, and workers who either lose jobs or never get that ticket to the middle class that Trump and partners in crime promise.

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