Morning Joe: Trump Has Adopted Putin’s Position & Turned Against the US

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough said this morning that Donald Trump may be working for the Kremlin. He said there’s no other explanation for Trump’s attacks on U.S. intelligence, military officials and law enforcement agencies. In beginning his show today, he showed clips of Trump’s attacks and said: “I’m horrified. Is this as weird as it gets?”

Scarborough, in a very shocked voice, expressed his opinion that it should be obvious to everyone by now that Trump has adopted the position of his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin against American law enforcement and intelligence officials. 

“People need to stop saying that Donald Trump is taking a different position than all of his intel chiefs and from the United States military, from the CIA director, from the NSA, from the FBI director, from all the directors that he himself selected, all Republicans,” Scarborough said.

“We need to stop saying Donald Trump is taking a position different from them and need to say the truth,” he added, “which is Donald Trump is adopting Vladimir Putin’s position on the FBI, on CIA, on Dan Coats, on every intel leader, the military intelligence leaders. He has decided he is going to adopt the position of an ex-KGB agent instead of the positions of the intel community, the intel chiefs, and the military community that he is supposed to be running.”

As we have pointed out before, with Donald Trump as president, our nation is in danger.

Yesterday Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA), a member of the House Intelligence Committee, warned that Donald Trump is a threat to the national security of the United States.

And former CIA director John Brennan said:

“The more he just goes in with his gut and the less he listens to intelligence and diplomats and our military officials and generals, the less he is going to be able to protect our national security.”

Over the last several days Donald Trump has been attacking the heads of all U.S. intelligence agencies — and these are all people he appointed. It appears more and more that he is taking his orders directly from Vladimir Putin. And it appears more and more that Joe Scarborough is right: Donald Trump is not working for the people of the United States. He is working for the dictator in the Kremlin.

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