Trump Admits Crimes While Whining About Losing Money As President

Trump admitted that he is making money from foreign governments staying at his hotel while whining about losing money while being president.

The New York Times reported on an interview that they had with Trump:

At one point, he scoffed at the notion that he was making money from the presidency, calling the job a “loser” financially.

“I lost massive amounts of money doing this job,” he said. “This is not the money. This one of the great losers of all time. You know, fortunately, I don’t need money. This is one of the great losers of all time. But they’ll say that somebody from some country stayed at a hotel. And I’ll say, ‘Yeah.’ But I lose, I mean, the numbers are incredible.”

Still, he dismissed any speculation that he might not run for re-election next year. “I love this job,” he said. And he said he did not think he would face a challenger for the Republican presidential nomination, even though several candidates are mulling a race. “I don’t see it,” he said. “I have great support in the party.”

Trump wasn’t alone in the Oval Office for this interview. His Chief Of Staff, Mick Mulvaney, his press secretary Sarah Sanders, and his communications director Bill Shine were in the room with him and none of them had the power to stop Trump from admitting to America’s newspaper of record that he is violating the Constitution and committing crimes by taking money from foreign governments and officials through his hotel.

Trump admitted an impeachable offense

There are lawsuits working their way through the court system about Trump’s Emoluments Clause violations. House Democrats plan on investigating the president for violating the Constitution by taking money from foreign governments. It is a certainty that the Trump brand has been gravely damaged by his presidency, but that is not the presidency’s fault. Trump has damaged his business with his divisive and unpopular rhetoric and policies. Trump has destroyed his own brand. The New York Times interview was a textbook example of Trump’s self-sabotage.

Trump admitted his crimes, and he not only gave a boost to the Emoluments case against him, but he also gave House Democrats an impeachable offense.

Never in the history of this country has a president self-destructed and burned his political career to the ground in real time in front of the entire country.

It is amazing, and we all need to step back and take in what is going on at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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