Trump Humiliated as Senate Republicans Advance Bill Opposing His Syria Withdrawal

The amendment, which was proposed by Mitch McConnell, and had wide backing within the Senate was overwhelmingly passed in the Senate as a rejection of Trump foreign policy.

The final vote was 68-23.

Trump was doomed as soon as the Senate voted to cut off debate.

According to The New York Times:

The Senate, in a stinging bipartisan rebuke to President Trump’s foreign policy, voted overwhelmingly to advance legislation drafted by the Senate majority leader to express strong opposition to the president’s withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Syria and Afghanistan.

The vote to cut off debate ensures that the amendment, written by Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and backed by virtually every Senate Republican, will be added to a broader bipartisan Middle East policy bill expected to easily pass the Senate next week.

The latest defeat comes on the heels of more Republican Senators voting for the Democratic bill to end the government shutdown than voted for Trump border wall bill.

Trump is rapidly losing support in the Senate

In December, Senate Republicans broke with Trump and cut off aid to Saudi Arabia for their war in Yemen.

The message here is loud and inescapable. Senate Republicans have had enough of Trump’s extremism. Republicans might be starting to see that Trump is a sinking ship, and they are trying to save themselves before the party goes under.

The vote today was a humiliating defeat for Trump at a time when his party is fracturing, and it is a message that the message must keep in mind as the president weighs another government shutdown.

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