Trump Thinks He’s Going To Make Nancy Pelosi Beg For A Wall

Trump, who just got destroyed on the government shutdown, thinks that he is going to make Nancy Pelosi beg for a wall.

The president said, “By the way If you go to Tijuana and you take down that wall you will have so many people coming into our country that Nancy Pelosi will be begging for a wall, she’ll be begging for a wall. She will say ‘‘Mr. President, please, please give us a wall.’ It will be very interesting. Some people have suggested. Let me take the wall along California, let’s move it to Arizona, let’s move it to Texas and, you know, it will be a very interesting statement.”


It doesn’t matter what Trump does, Pelosi is not going to fund the wall. Donald Trump is like a cartoon villain. Instead of coming to the table and negotiating like an adult, he thinks up new ways to try to get what he wants by harming others. Trump thinks that he can move a border wall. (He can’t). It is telling that he sees the fight over the wall as a contest of wills.

Trump isn’t going to compromise. It is give him what he wants or else.

Nancy Pelosi won’t be bullied into giving Trump the money. She will never beg Trump for a wall. After getting owned in the government shutdown, it is Trump who should be begging Pelosi for mercy. Instead, he is setting up another confrontation that he is destined to lose.

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