Former DOJ Official: Trump May End Up Being A Criminal Defendant


MSNBC‘s Nicolle Wallace said that a former DOJ official told her that Trump is more than a subject in the Michael Cohen case, but he could end up being a criminal defendant.

Wallace said on her MSNBC show Deadline: White House, “A former senior justice official puts a finer point on the president’s comments adding, quote, of course, Donald Trump is a subject in the Mueller investigation. Mueller knows it and Donald Trump‘s lawyers know it too. There no way Robert Mueller would have pursued responses to questions, the source adds, for as many months as he did if the president were not a subject. He adds also in the cases out of the Southern District of New York, Donald Trump is implicated in a crime. It may very well be a target of that probe and ultimately a criminal defendant.”



Trump’s claim that he is not a Mueller target was BS, but Mueller isn’t Trump’s biggest problem

Trump’s claim that Rod Rosenstein told him that he isn’t a target of the Mueller investigation sounds like another example of the president twisting words and hearing what he wants to hear, if not an outright fabrication of a conversation that never happened.

Trump biggest problem might not be Mueller. Trump‘s biggest problem is Michael Cohen and the cases that are working their way through the Southern District of New York. Trump has already been connected to multiple felonies in the Cohen case. There is also a mountain of direct evidence that was seized in the Cohen raid that directly implicates Trump in criminal activity.

Michael Cohen’s upcoming testimony to Congress is going to put the focus back on to the crimes that could bring Trump down.

Donald Trump may end up walking out the White House and straight into a criminal indictment in January 2021.

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