Trump Fires Undocumented Workers From More Golf Resorts


The Trump Organization has reportedly fired more undocumented workers, this time at its golf club in Pine Hill, New Jersey. The New York Times reports that about five workers at the club, known as Trump National Golf Club Philadelphia, were fired or told not to return to work. This is the third report of undocumented immigrants losing their jobs at Trump properties.

Last week we reported that there has been a long history of Trump hiring illegal immigrants.

“Trump’s family biz employed undocumented workers more broadly than previously believed. Multiple workers lost their jobs last month at Trump‘s Pine Hill, NJ golf club — the 3rd Trump property where undocumented workers have been fired since December.”


Two of the five fired from Pine Hill were reportedly seasonal employees who had been scheduled to return to their jobs this spring. A confidential source told the Times that many other Trump employees who had been illegally hired are expected to get fired in the coming weeks.

“Just like that, I got fired,” kitchen worker Victor Reyes told the newspaper. “The manager called me and asked, ‘Victor, are you legal?’ I said, ‘No, I am not legal.’ It surprised me because I knew he knew that I was illegal. I have worked for him 16 years and then he asks me.”

A Trump Organization spokesperson declined to comment to the Times about the Pine Hill firings, but claimed after earlier firings in New York and New Jersey clubs that they had been duped by the false documents of their employees.

“Our employees are like family, but when presented with fake documents, an employer has little choice,” Eric Trump, an executive vice president with the Trump Organization, said earlier this week.

Previously, wwo former workers at Trump‘s New York golf club accused people at the highest levels of the club of being aware that they were hiring illegal immigrants. They said that they believed that Donald Trump himself must have known that many employees did not have proper legal documentation to work in the United States.

The Trump National Golf Club in Westchester County, New York reportedly let go of a dozen undocumented staffers last week.

One of the twelve fired employees said that a manager helped her obtain fake legal documentation. Another, Gabriel Sedano, who crossed illegally into the United States with his family in 2003, said that Trump himself “must’ve known” that his clubs were hiring undocumented migrants.

Sedano said he had a meeting with a manager earlier this month and was asked if he was in the U.S. legally. “I told them no, so… after that they say so the company cannot keep you there,” he said. “I start crying because I told them—like, I’ve been working for so long… The only thing I did wrong was work, work and work.”

The workers were brought by their lawyer to Washington on Sunday to meet with congressional Democrats who will be investigating Trump‘s history of hiring undocumented immigrants as cheap labor in his far-flung hotel and resort empire.