Democrats Are Coming After Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Vacations

As Trump ran to his private Florida club to golf, House Democrats are investigating the president’s conflicts of interest and potential Emoluments Clause violations associated with his activities at Mar-a-Lago.

ABC News reported:
Democrats have also asked the GAO to review the costs associated with presidential travel and protecting Mar-a-Lago, and whether the U.S. Treasury has received any payments from profits from the president’s club and other hotel properties. They have also asked the agency and the Department of Veterans Affairs’ inspector general to investigate whether members of Mar-a-Lago have improperly influenced decisions at the VA, following reports that three members played a role in shaping agency policies and contracts.

In December, ahead of taking control of the powerful Oversight Committee, Cummings issued more than 50 document requests, including a letter to the Trump Organization and the president’s lawyer about Trump’s arrangement to avoid conflicts of interest regarding foreign payments to his hotels and other businesses. Cummings and other Democrats believe Trump may be violating the emoluments clause of the U.S. Constitution through his organization’s business with foreign governments and foreign-owned entities.

Trump first tried to call Mar-a-Lago the “southern White House,” but that went absolutely nowhere. There are serious legal and ethical concerns associated with a president selling access to himself through a private club. The entire arrangement is a blueprint for corruption, conflict of interest, and potential crime. Democrats aren’t letting Trump get away bilking the taxpayers for his trips to his for-profit ventures, while also selling access to the presidency.

Democrats now control the power of the purse, and besides investigating Trump, have the ability to impose new rules that will stop him from making money off of the presidency.

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