Adam Schiff Blows Up Trump’s Plan To Hide The Mueller Report

Trump’s plan to hide the Mueller report was blown up by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) who is threatening to subpoena the special counsel report if Trump refuses to release it.

Schiff said, “This is too big to be buried. This is of too great a consequence to the country to be swept under the rug. And so we will use whatever compulsion we can and must to make sure that the public gets the full story. ”


Adam Schiff isn’t going to let Trump hide the details of his potential crimes

It has become increasingly obvious through Trump’s public comments that he is intending on burying the Mueller report. Once Trump realized that he couldn’t fire Mueller without being impeached, his next move appears to be letting Mueller finish his report and then doing everything he can to stop the report from seeing the light of day.

Adam Schiff isn’t playing games with the president. If Trump tries to bury the report, Schiff will subpoena it, which he has full power to do as the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Trump is playing games and hoping that he can prevent the public from ever seeing what Robert Mueller has found, but Democrats already have a strategy in place and are ten steps ahead of any move that the president could make to hide the Mueller report.

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