Federal Prosecutors Are Investigating Trump’s Kids For Crimes Against America

Federal prosecutors want to talk to officials in the Trump Organization, a.k.a. Trump’s kids about a wide range of crimes, including crimes committed against the United States of America.

CNN reported:

Federal prosecutors in New York have requested interviews in recent weeks with executives at the Trump Organization, according to people familiar with the matter, signaling a growing potential threat to President Donald Trump and those in his orbit from criminal investigations by the Manhattan US Attorney’s office.

Trump and his legal team have long harbored concerns that investigations by New York federal prosecutors — which could last throughout his presidency — may ultimately pose more danger to him, his family and his allies than the inquiry by special counsel Robert Mueller, according to people close to Trump. Prosecutors’ recent interest in executives at Trump’s family company may intensify those fears.


The second investigation concerns the Trump inaugural committee and possible financial abuses related to the more than $100 million in donations raised for his inauguration, CNN has reported. On Monday, prosecutors issued a sweeping subpoena to the committee, requesting documents related to virtually every donor or donation, attendee at a committee event, piece of paperwork related to the legal requirements attached to donations and even “the possibility of” donations made by foreign nationals.

Ivanka Trump was the person setting the hotel room rates for the inauguration

The top officials in the Trump Organization are Donald Trump and his kids. It was reported in December 2018, that the intersection point between the Trump Organization and the inaugural committee was Ivanka Trump, “During the planning, Ivanka Trump, the president-elect’s eldest daughter, and a senior executive with the Trump Organization, was involved in negotiating the price the hotel charged the 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee for venue rentals.”

Tens of millions of dollars have never been accounted for from Trump’s inauguration. Nobody seems to know where the money went. Investigators want to find out so they are focusing on the Trump Organization, Trump inaugural committee, and Donald Trump’s kids.

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