Trump Delivers The Biggest Failure In State Of The Union History

Trump tried to play president with his State Of The Union, but all he did was expose his weakness and failure.

Here are the lowlights in clips:

Trump began with his bogus call for unity.

Trump devoted an entire section of his speech to lying about the economy:

Trump complained that Democrats have to stop investigating him:

The president vowed to build his wall:

Trump also called for more tariffs. Trump wanted infrastructure, but it became clear that Trump had a very strange meaning of unity. Trump talked about lowering the cost of healthcare and protecting patients with preexisting conditions. Trump repeated his lie about declining drug prices and didn’t mention that he is trying to take health insurance away from people with preexisting conditions.

To Trump, Unity is giving him everything that he wants.

Trump’s “address” was really nothing more than a call for Democrats to give him everything that he wants. Trump’s odd definition of unity didn’t involve compromise, but Democrats agreeing with all of Trump’s agenda. This wasn’t a speech about unity. It was the spectacle of an unpopular president with no political capital acting like he could bend Democrats to his will.

Donald Trump’s State Of The Union Was A Total Failure

Trump said that he had an agenda, but his speech had no vision for the future. The address was full of lies, and the now standard Trump bragging about getting things done quickly that aren’t happening. A powerful president can lead and set the tone and agenda for the country. Donald Trump said words, but there was no power, leadership, or direction behind what he was saying.

Never has a first-term president given a State Of The Union that was as weak and inconsequential as the one that Trump offered.

Donald Trump is so on the ropes that he used the State Of The Union to try pander to his base and give them a reason to stick with him in 2020.

While Trump to play the role of president, Trump exposed himself as a failure.

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