The Countdown To Donald Trump Jr.’s Mueller Indictment Has Begun

The House Intelligence Committee has voted to turn over the transcripts of witness testimony to Robert Mueller for a perjury investigation, which means that the clock is ticking on Donald Trump Jr. being indicted.

It was a simple announcement, but one that sent shockwaves through the White House:

As its first act, the Committee has voted to release to the Department of Justice and its components, including the Special Counsel’s Office, transcripts of testimony taken before the Committee during the 115th Congress, with no restrictions on their use.

The Committee also plans to release to the public all investigation transcripts, as it is committed to providing the American public with greater transparency and insight into Russia’s operations and the U.S. government’s response. To protect ongoing investigative interests and information that remains classified, the Committee will release transcripts in a manner and according to a timetable that allows continued pursuit of important leads and testimony, while ensuring that the American people have faith in the process and can assess for themselves the evidence that has been uncovered, while legitimate national security interests continue to be protected.

Donald Trump Jr. Looks Certain To Be Indicted

Trump blew a gasket and launched a personal attack against Schiff because even he is worried that his son is going to be indicted. Rep. Schiff has been signaling for weeks that he has a great deal of suspicion that Donald Trump Jr. lied to Congress.

The president’s son was thinking that he was in clear, but that all changed once Intel Democrats turned the testimony transcripts over to Robert Mueller. There is evidence that Donald Trump Jr. lied about the Trump Tower Russia meeting. If there is one person within the Trump inner circle who is likely to be indicted, it’s Don Jr. with Jared Kushner being right there with him.

The countdown has begun as a future Mueller indictment could soon feature the name, Trump.

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