Adam Schiff Has Trump Totally Paranoid and Freaking Out

Trump is freaking out and growing increasingly paranoid as Rep. Adam Schiff is hiring former White House staff to assist with his investigation of the president.

Bloomberg reported:

Donald Trump believes House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff is trying to hire White House employees to gain an edge in his investigation of foreign attempts to influence the president, people familiar with the matter said.

Schiff has hired one former career official at the National Security Council, Abigail Grace, who left the White House last year. She has a congressional email address and is listed in a directory as working for the Intelligence Committee’s Democratic majority.

Adam Schiff Isn’t Buying A Condo From Trump

Adam Schiff is deeply in Trump’s head, as the president thinks that Schiff is looking for leverage or an edge, but Rep. Schiff doesn’t need an edge. This isn’t a real estate deal. It is the House fulfilling its constitutional duty of executive branch oversight. Rep. Schiff isn’t trying to beat Trump. He is trying to hold the president’s co-equal branch of the government accountable.

Trump is growing more paranoid

A well organized White House would have been ready months ago for these investigations. Instead of adding expertise, Trump has left dozens of key government positions either vacant or staffed by acting officials. Trump is in way over his head and personalizing House Intel Committee investigation will only make things worse for the White House and president.

There is no winning and losing. There is only evidence and facts, and Rep. Schiff is going to use facts and evidence to uncover the truth about Trump, his campaign, his White House and family’s activities.

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