House Republican Abandons Sinking Trump Ship Before 2020 Disaster


Rep. Rob Woodall (R-GA) who barely won reelection in the face of the 2018 blue wave is reportedly retiring and not even going to try to survive running with Trump on the ballot in 2020.

Woodall told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he is retiring after losing his father last year, ” Doing what you love requires things of you, and having had that family transition made me start to think about those things that I have invested less in because I’ve been investing more here.”

The reality is that Rep. Woodall won his seat by double digits instead of less than 1,000 votes, he probably stays in Congress. If Republicans were still in the majority, he probably doesn’t retire. If Trump wasn’t on the ballot in 2020, Woodall might have made a different decision.


If Trump continues to struggle and look like a liability on the ticket for 2020, look for more Republican retirements in the House.

Rep. Woodall is not going to be the only House Republican to see the writing on the wall.

Republican governors have already warned Trump that a disaster is coming in 2020 if he doesn’t change his ways. Since that warning, Trump has grown more out of control and shut down the government for a border wall.

A blue tsunami is building for 2020, and the smart Republicans are already getting out of the way.

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