Democrats Warn Whitaker: Keep Your Hands Off The Mueller Investigation


Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) had a blunt warning for acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker. Jeffries said, “Keep your hands off the Mueller investigation.”

Jeffries askes during the House Judiciary Committee hearing, “Manafort, Gates, Flynn, Cohen, Papadopoulos, and Stone are all in deep trouble. One by one, all of the president’s men are going down in flames. It is often said where there is smoke, there’s fire. There’s a lot of smoke emanating from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue right now. Yet you decided not to recuse yourself. Is that right?

Whitaker answered, “Congressman, the decision to recuse was my decision to make. I looked at all of the information. I consulted with many people that I’ve discussed today, and I determined that it was not necessary for me to recuse.”


Rep. Jeffries pressed on, “Donald Trump considered sessions’ betrayal to be a betrayal, right?”

Whitaker said, “As I sit here today I have no idea what the president believes about Sessions’ recusal.”

Rep. Jeffries dropped the hammer, “The investigation into Russia‘s attack on our democracy is not a witch-hunt. It’s not a fishing expedition. It’s not a hoax. It’s not a lynch mob. It’s a national security imperative. The fact that people suggest otherwise comes dangerously close to providing aid and comfort to the enemy. In your final week, keep your hands off the Mueller investigation.”


Whitaker really should have seen this coming as soon as Jeffries starting running through all of the indictments and convictions, but he walked right into it. There is no doubt why Trump made Whitaker acting attorney general. Whitaker has partisan stooge who is doing Trump‘s bidding written all over him. It would be wise of the acting attorney general not to lie to Congress, because if he does, this committee has shown that they are going to come after him with all of their might.

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