Reporter: Donald Trump Jr. Will Be Indicted Any Day Now

Last updated on February 11th, 2019 at 02:56 pm

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On HBO’s Real Time, Atlantic investigative writer Natasha Bertrand revealed that Donald Trump Jr. will probably be indicted any day now and that he has already been telling his friends that an indictment is coming soon.

Bertrand was asked by Real Time host Bill Maher who would be the first member of Donald Trump’s family to be indicted — Don Jr. or Jared Kushner. She replied that in her opinion it isn’t even close, because of problems with Don Jr’s testimony before Congress.

“I think the Don Jr. is in more immediate jeopardy,” Bertrand said. “He has been telling his friends and associates that he expects to be indicted, and he’s been saying that for the last few weeks.”

“His accounts under oath about the Trump Tower meeting in 2016, and his accounts about the Trump Tower in Moscow and how involved he was in that could put him in some legal jeopardy there,” she continued.

What Bertrand knows is that Donald Trump Jr lied to Congress, and both Adam Schiff and Bob Mueller have the evidence to prove it.

As we saw with the arrest of Roger Stone, federal prosecutors — including Mueller — are able to act very quickly. Now that Mueller has copies of the official and formal testimony of Don Jr under oath he could move to indict the president’s oldest son at any time.

Natasha Bertrand is known for her insightful investigative reporting. She is based in New York and has confidential sources among the New York federal prosecutors. In the past her predictions have been right, and there is no reason to believe differently now.

In late January we reported that Donald Trump and his allies have been lying for two years to cover up Donald Trump Jr.’s crimes related to Russia

Last Wednesday PoliticusUSA publisher Jason Easley wrote that:

“The House Intelligence Committee has voted to turn over the transcripts of witness testimony to Robert Mueller for a perjury investigation, which means that the clock is ticking on Donald Trump Jr. being indicted.”

Trump blew a gasket and launched a personal attack against Adam Schiff because even he is worried that his son is going to be indicted. Rep. Schiff has been signaling for weeks that he has a great deal of suspicion that Donald Trump Jr. lied to Congress.”

So get your popcorn ready folks. The long-awaited show of Donald Trump Jr. being indicted and arrested is coming soon.

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