Amy Klobuchar Delivers A Terrifying Message To Trump From The Heartland

Everything about Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s presidential campaign launch sent the message that the heartland rejects Trump and is coming to take their country back.

Sen. Klobuchar said:

I have always believed in doing my job without fear or favor. That’s what I do as a senator, and that’s what I did as a prosecutor, and that means not only convicting the guilty but protecting the innocent. That’s why I have and why I will always continue to advocate for criminal justice reform. That’s why in a state where we all value hunting and fishing and the great outdoors, I am not afraid to join the vast majority of Americans including many gun owners to stand up to the gun lobby and put universal background checks and — and common sense gun legislation into law.

It is time, America. And a safer world isn’t just about what we do here at home. Even if you want to isolate yourselves from the rest of the world, the rest of the world won’t let you. International problems come banging at your door, just as opportunities come knocking. We need to stand strong and consistently with our allies. We need to be clear in our purpose. We must respect our frontline troops, diplomats and intelligence officers who are there every day risking their lives for us. They deserve better than foreign policy by tweet.

And one last obstacle that we must overcome to move forward together. Stop the fearmongering and stop the hate. We may come from different places. We may pray in different ways. We may look different, and love different, but we all live in the same country of shared dreams.


Sen. Klobuchar also made an explicit call for taking our country back:

Amy Klobuchar won the optics contest

Sen. Kamala Harris drew a bigger crowd to her launch, but Klobuchar launched her campaign in such a unique setting with the snow falling in the heart of the country.

Klobuchar’s crowd wasn’t exactly tiny either:

Democratic voters whowhich watching this in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin could see a little of their wintery lives Klobuchar’s launch, whuch was the point Amy Klobuchar is running to be the voice from the heartland in this Democratic primary. Her campaign is going to need to some help and some luck to take off, but her message is impossible to miss.

The heart of America is rejecting Donald Trump and they want their country back.

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