Trump Claims He Works More Hours Than Almost Any President In History

Trump is now claiming that he works more hours than almost any president in history after his private schedule showing him doing virtually nothing was leaked to the public.

Trump tweeted:

Trump’s own schedules tell the real story

There have been two schedule leaks over the past year that detail what Donald Trump is doing with his time. The first leak in January 2018 revealed that Trump didn’t show up for work until 11 AM and was out the door by 6 PM. The first schedule leaked showed a president who was spending more time plopped down in front of his television than running the country.

Trump’s schedule got even shorter after Democrats took back the House in November. Trump has spent more than 60% of his time since the midterm election watching TV, tweeting, and talking on the phone. This president blows off his intelligence briefings and insists on being briefed verbally because he doesn’t like to read. Trump makes George W. Bush look like a workaholic.

Trump doesn’t even work a full day

As former Obama official Chris Lu pointed out Trump put in as many hours in three months as the average US worker does in nine days. Trump didn’t work more than Obama after the Great Recession, or Bush after 9/11, or Bill Clinton ever.

Donald Trump has worked the least of any president in history. Trump thinks he is working a lot because he doesn’t know or care about what a president is supposed to be doing.

Trump‘s laziness and lack of work ethic have damaged the presidency in ways that will take years to clean up.

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