Trump Considering Declaring Wall Emergency To ‘Protect’ Troops That He Sent To The Border

It is being reported that Trump is considering declaring an emergency to build his wall to protect the troops that he sent to the border.

The New York Times reported, “To stave off a court challenge, one proposal circulating among some White House officials, including those close to Stephen Miller, the president’s top domestic policy adviser, is to claim that the wall would be built to protect the more than 5,000 active-duty troops now operating near the southwestern border or deploying there soon.”

Here’s The Real Reason Why Troops Were Sent To The Border

Five thousand troops were not sent to the border because there is any real crisis. The troops were sent there as a pretext for declaring a national emergency. The endgame has always been that Trump would get his wall by declaring a national emergency. The troops are standing around with nothing to do because Donald Trump needs to make it look like there is a crisis on the border.

The reason why there is a stalemate in the conference committee is that Democrats want to make sure that ICE is locking up violent criminals instead of kids.

Trump is going to his fake border crisis to declare an emergency in an effort to get his wall.

No court is going to buy what Trump is considering trying to sell as the reason for his emergency.

Trump is likely going to get laughed out of court, as any judge can see that the national emergency is just another poorly executed Trump con.

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