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Time to Pay the Trump Tax as GOP Tax Cut for the Rich Hits Working Families Hard

Trump sold his tax cuts as a tax cut for working families. But now, reality has struck and not only will millions not get a refund this year, but some might have to pay the IRS.

The Republican tax cut, which involved the biggest changes to the tax code in 30 years, might have put more money in people’s paycheck due to withholding table changes, has come home to roost and it’s not pretty.


For Parkland survivors, a year of political gains and unresolved pain

The student campaign in support of gun control, which featured a massive march on Washington and in other cities around the country, resulted in the formation of a sprawling national network called March for Our Lives.

With some 500 chapters, it has linked tens of thousands of student activists in pushing for political candidates who support their goals of new measures to reduce gun violence.


Kamala Harris Says She Has Smoked Pot, and She ‘Did Inhale’

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris of California admitted Monday that she has smoked marijuana in the past. And, according to her, she “did inhale.” “Kamala Harris says she smoked weed in college—”and I did inhale”” Kamala Harris says she smoked weed in college—"and I did inhale" https://t.co/yHjMgtdEjS — The Daily Beast (@thedailybeast) February 11,…

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