In Crazy Rant Roger Stone Says Mueller Probe Is ‘A Pretext to Remove Trump’

Donald Trump’s longtime friend Roger Stone knows how to get publicity, and in his latest interview he went off the deep end by making crazy claims that the purpose of Bob Mueller’s special counsel probe is to remove both Donald Trump and Mike Pence from office.

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Speaking to The New Yorker, Stone said he also believes that Mueller’s investigation is part of an elaborate conspiracy to get both Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton into the White House.

To back up his unhinged opinions, Stone predicted that Mueller’s investigation would fabricate explosive, untrue evidence that would then be used to indict and impeach both President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

“Those who think the Mueller investigation will die out with a whimper are dreaming,” Stone said in the interview, before adding:

“This is a pretext to allow them to remove both Trump and Pence and replace them with Leather Face — I mean, Nancy Pelosi — and then she can appoint Hillary Clinton as V.P. That’s been the agenda from the beginning.”

Pelosi could then resign, and make Hillary Clinton president, according to Stone.

Mueller has charged that Stone lied to Congressional investigators about his efforts to reach out to WikiLeaks for information about emails that were stolen from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta. Additionally, Mueller claims that Stone sent threatening messages to talk show host Randy Credico that encouraged him to similarly lie to investigators.

On January 25 Stone was arrested by the FBI after his indictment on charges of lying to Congress, obstruction of justice and witness tampering. Since then he posted bail and pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Another Trump adviser, Steve Bannon, was also implicated in federal crimes when Stone was arrested.

Legal experts who have reviewed the Stone indictment in detail also believe that it contains evidence that Donald Trump himself may soon be indicted.

The indictment alleges that Stone spoke often with top Trump campaign aides, including Bannon, about his efforts to get the Democratic emails stolen by Russian hackers published by WikiLeaks to harm Hillary Clinton and help Trump get elected.

In the indictment there is language which appears to describe the involvement of Donald Trump in Stone’s and Bannon’s nefarious activities. This means the indictment may point to the direct involvement of the President of the United States in the commission of crimes. 

This is why Roger Stone is now saying there is a “conspiracy” and “fabricated” evidence of Trump’s crimes. He knows that in truth Trump (and probably Pence) DID actually commit numerous crimes. Stone knows Trump and Pence will be going down very soon, so his latest rants are intended to cast doubt on the law enforcement agencies of the United States. He is doing this for his personal gain, but it won’t work. It is very likely that unless Stone flips and cooperates with Mueller, he will spend the rest of his life in jail.

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