Trump Claims No President Works Harder But Most Of His Days Don’t Start Until 11 AM

Low energy. No stamina. The “executive time” scandal continues as now Trump doesn’t usually start his days until 11 AM.

Or, as Trump put it Monday morning, no one has ever worked harder than him, cleaning up the “mess” he inherited!

Donald Trump did not inherit a “mess.” He inherited a booming economy and historic job growth, courtesy of former President Barack Obama. Trump has managed to keep this going for two years, but his trade wars, tariffs, shutdown, and tax cut for the rich (aka, skyrocketing deficit and debt) are pressuring the economy and growth is showing signs of slowing.

The reality is that the schedules we receive from the White House show Trump doing less and less. Usually he is read an intelligence briefing around 11 AM and then has lunch with Pence or another member of his team around 1 PM. The White House claims he is doing important things in between these events, but when you have to claim your lunch on your work calendar as only one of two things you’re doing, the reality is you’re probably not doing much.

But the White House claimed otherwise, as they are wont to do. So when Axios got their hands on Trump’s secret schedule in which the words “executive time” are covers for tweeting and watching TV, it made a stir.

Trump isn’t starting his days until 11AM usually.

Axios analyzed the “executive time” in Trump’s secret, leaked private schedule and found that indeed, Trump is not starting his days as President until around 11 AM.

“President Trump is starting his official day much later than he did in the early days of his presidency, often around 11am, and holding far fewer meetings, according to copies of his private schedule shown to Axios. This is largely to meet Trump’s demands for more ‘Executive Time,’ which almost always means TV and Twitter time alone in the residence, officials tell us.”

“The schedules shown to me are different than the sanitized ones released to the media and public.

The schedule says Trump has “Executive Time” in the Oval Office every day from 8am to 11am, but the reality is he spends that time in his residence, watching TV, making phone calls and tweeting.”

Trump pushed for this late start, which is ironic given his attacks against opponent Hillary Clinton that she was “low energy” and “low stamina.”

This is the same man who hung up on the Prime Minister of Australia, apparently because he was “fatigued” at 5 PM.

Trump aides have tried to use his fatigue over his “robust schedule” saying he “worked non-stop” as an excuse for why he hadn’t done a press conference. “They are trying to keep Trump away from any unscripted setting where he will be asked or talk about Russia. The administration admitted that by day two of the trip, Trump was exhausted. The President was too tired to hold a press conference, and the White House doesn’t trust a tired or rested Trump to talk about Russia.”

Of course, other presidents have had the same workload and managed to do a press conference. It’s actually part of the job. Yes, Obama started later in the morning than Bush, but he worked out in the morning and worked late into the evenings. So it’s not just about the late start time, but more so about what it represents in between – a lack of commitment to the work Trump is supposed to be doing.

Then there was the rather stark contrast between Trump and other leaders as the leaders of Italy, Japan, Canada, France, Germany and the UK walked together down the streets of Taormina, while Trump led from behind in a golf cart.

Even without the Mueller probe, the various criminal probes, the ongoing self-dealing scandals with his administration, the horrifying border policies about which the Trump administration says they just can’t figure out how to reunite children they separated from their parents and oh, yeah, two kids died in their custody, the abuse of the military as a propaganda prop for a campaign promise of a wall paid for by Mexico Trump never should have made or would have made if he were remotely dealing with reality, a Trump shutdown that harmed millions of federal workers and contractors in a failed attempt to force Democrats to do what the Republicans before them refused to do in paying for said campaign promise, the use of Mar-a-Lago as a “southern white house”, the money being made off of the Trump hotels, the refusal to separate himself from his business interests, his children’s business interests seemingly being met with the power of the presidency behind their negotiations, the sex scandals, the bribes, the transition scandals — this list is actually too long to continue here, but you get the idea — even without all of these presidency-ending scandals, Trump’s sheer laziness is a scandal all by itself.

Republicans like to suggest Democrats don’t want people to work, and this is why they jumped with glee over that phrase mistakenly published in the Green New Deal. In point of fact, however, Democrats have long pushed for ways to support people in seeking and keeping well paying jobs, but they also support a safety net in between and for single parents, because children should be able to eat no matter what.

So it’s exceptionally fitting that this man whom they are all backing and enabling well beyond reason or party-first priorities, this man is actually the lazy person who doesn’t want to work and feels entitled to plunder American taxpayers for his own benefit, in security payments alone.

If a black president started work at 11 and included lunch, tweeting and watching TV as part of their work day, Republicans would flip out. In fact, a lot of that is how Republicans characterize “Welfare moms” – someone they say who has kids to get the benefits. You know, like Trump became president to drain America with the benefits.

Trump Time. Tell your boss you’re on “Trump Time” and see if it flies.