Nicolle Wallace Smashes Trump’s Border Wall Scam

MSNBC‘s Nicolle Wallace broke down how Trump‘s border wall is an ever moving total scam that has no basis in reality.

Nicolle Wallace said on her show Deadline: White House:

This is my question for you, though, if you look at the trump scam had two things that were real in it. They believed he really believed in the wall and I can’t think of another thing. There was — like, that was the one thing that felt real. They understood he was going to Washington. Didn’t know anything about and he knew less about foreign policy than Sarah Palin. That was okay, but if there was one thing they thought he believed in, it was the wall. And that — that montage we played could have gone on for the duration of the show, for the lies he’s told. Forget about all of us.

The lies he told his base about the wall. That Mexico would pay. That the trade deal would pay. That it didn’t have to be a wall, it could be a barrier. Didn’t have to be concrete. It could be steel. Didn’t have to be a steel wall, it could be a steel slat. Doesn’t have to be fencing at all, it could just be a cyber wall. It could be a human wall. That was last week. Now it’s already there. We just have to finish it. It’s such a scam.


The Wall Is A Scam That Trump That Isn’t Going To Stop

Trump has tied his reelection campaign to the wall, so even if Congress would have given him money for the wall, it would not have ended the scam. The con is that Trump has to keep promising his scared white rural elderly voters protection from a threat that does not really exist. The wall scam will not end for as long as Trump is in office.

The wall isn’t real. There was never going to be a wall. Trump is using the wall as a political tactic to keep his base with him.

Of all of the cons that Trump has pulled in his life, the wall is one of his biggest, and he is never going to let it go.

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