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Nancy Pelosi Owns Trump As Spending Deal To Hit The House Tomorrow

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is putting the heat on Trump by bringing the bipartisan border spending deal to the House floor as soon as Wednesday.

Politico reported:

Even as House Democratic leaders prepare to move the massive legislative package to the floor as early as Wednesday night, Trump is still sending mixed messages on his intentions.


“When it is finished and it is filed, then we can move expeditiously. It could be done by then,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told reporters following a Democratic leadership meeting, meaning Wednesday night.

“It’s possible that we could pass it tomorrow,” added House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.). “There’s some technical things to have to get done. You have to get [Congressional Budget Office] score. But we’re obviously hopeful that we can get it done as quickly as possible.”

Pelosi Offers Trump A Do or Die Choice

The choice that Nancy Pelosi is offering Trump is simple. He can either take the bipartisan deal that’s on the table, or he can shut down the government again. At his cabinet meeting, Trump claimed that he was going to be adding more things to the bill, but that is not happening. Trump is going to have to take it or leave it, and if he vetoes the border spending bill, the next government shutdown will be all on him.

Senate Republicans are likely to join with Democrats in supporting the bill in overwhelming numbers to send the message to the White House that a veto can be overridden.

Speaker Pelosi has outmaneuvered Trump. The president is getting no money for his wall, and even less money for border security than he could have had before he shut the government down. The offers keep getting worse, as Nancy Pelosi is making sure that Trump gets nothing for all of the pain that he has caused millions of people.

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