Rachel Maddow Just Exposed How Broken Trump’s Brain Really Is

Rachel Maddow used Trump‘s idea to have a 4th of July parade in DC when one already exists to highlight the broken weirdness of what is going on in Trump‘s head.

Maddow said:

Every Fourth of July there is a fireworks thing in D.C. And parade from downtown with, you know, bands and Uncle Sam guy and the drum and fife and all the rest of it. Today President Trump told reporters at the white house he is considering a new idea that has just occurred to him, a new idea for America which is that he is thinking over, he is considering that maybe from here on out there should be a parade and fireworks in Washington D.C. Every year on July 4th.

How about that? He mused about this idea to reporters today. He said quote, we’re thinking about doing something that will perhaps become a tradition. Proposing fireworks for the Fourth of July, even in D.C. It’s a bold idea for the president today presumably this will be followed by an executive order proclaiming from here on out we’ll start a new calendar year on the first day of January. What?


Also, he’s invented rap music and the idea of taking a vacation in the summer if you’re a school kid. I mean, I kid you not, the president today proposed to reporters in all seriousness from the White House that he’s thinking there should maybe be fireworks and a parade on the Fourth of July in Washington D.C. It could catch on, could become a tradition. The best news about this is that it’s not actually a terrible idea to have a parade and fireworks in Washington D.C. On the Fourth of July as evidenced by the fact, we always do it every year and nobody minds. People sort of like it. But what is going on in the head of the President Of The United States that he thinks this annual celebration should henceforth be attributed to him as if he dreamed it up. I mean, I try not to get caught up in this stuff and generally the stuff he says, but like the weird vagaries of the presidency are honestly really weird.


Trump is so lost in his delusions of genius and greatness that he believes that he is inventing things that already exist. This behavior was already witnessed by his habit of stating historical facts that everybody knows and then acting like it is bombshell information that he just came up with and is passing along to the rest of us for the first time.

I don’t give Trump the same benefit of the doubt cluelessness that Rachel Maddow does. I suspect that Trump is trying to use the 4th of July parade as a backdoor way to get his military parade or to throw a Fourth of July propaganda party for himself on the taxpayers’ dime. There is always a scheme and another shoe to drop when it comes to Trump‘s ideas, and one suspects that his parade is another Trump attempt to make money and get more attention for himself because that is really what the Trump presidency is all about.

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