The Senate Is Investigating The NRA’s Russian Money Laundering Operation


Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) confirmed that the Senate Finance Committee is investigating the Russian money connection to the NRA.

Wyden said on MSNBC‘s All In with Chris Hayes, “With respect to that area, I’m also the ranking Democrat on the senate finance committee. The finance committee staff is looking at it. We’ll have more to stay before too long. When he said it was not an official trip, I want your viewers to know I don’t think that is credible and certainly, when you’re talking about a tax-exempt organization, we want to know who their loyalties run to. They run to the American people or to some foreign adversary.”



Congress wants to know if Russia owns the NRA

The congressional investigation is at least the third known probe into Russia and the NRA. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating the Russia/NRA connection, and the FBI is investigating the NRA. The NRA is under investigation for potentially laundering Russian money and getting it into the campaign coffers of Donald Trump and Republican Senate candidates. Congress is also investigating the NRA for illegally funneling money to Trump and other Republican candidates through the use of shell companies.

The NRA is in a world of hurt, and when Trump goes down, he is likely taking the Russian bought gun lobby front group down with him.

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