Trump Is Going To Try To Stop Mueller From Writing A Report


Trump’s former lawyer John Dowd said that Trump is going to try to prevent Mueller writing a report, and if there is a report there will be no public release.

Dowd told the ABC News podcast, The Investigation, “I don’t think there’ll be a report. The rules of the [Justice] department say, no report. I will be shocked, if anything regarding the president is made public, other than, ‘We’re done.'”

The Trump strategy has gone from trying to shut Mueller down to letting him finish his investigation but making sure that there is no report.


The reason why Trump and the White House keep saying that Mueller will be allowed to finish his investigation is because they may have no intention of ever letting him write a report.

House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff is ready to counter Trump’s efforts to hide a report. Schiff said on February 4th, “This is too big to be buried. This is of too great a consequence to the country to be swept under the rug. And so we will use whatever compulsion we can and must to make sure that the public gets the full story.”

Congress must pass legislation that requires Mueller to report to Congress

A bill requiring Mueller to report to Congress after his investigation concludes has been discussed in the House, and it is time for such legislation to be passed. It isn’t not out of the realm of possibility that the endgame for Trump could be not allowing Mueller to write a report and then pardoning anyone associated with the scandal.

The Trump administration has refused to commit to publicly releasing the Mueller report, but if Congress doesn’t act, there may be no Mueller report at all.

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