Ivanka Trump May Be Forced to Testify Before House Committees

House Democrats are investigating Donald Trump’s possibly illegal business dealings, and they may bring Ivanka Trump before Congress to testify about what she knows.

Axios reported this morning that House Democrats are planning to have Ivanka testify because she has significant inside information about the inner workings of the Trump Organization.

While they have not made a final decision about bringing Ivanka before any congressional committee, one House Democrat told Axios that “obviously there are a number of public reports about her involvement in the Trump Tower Moscow deal, and she may very well have relevant information.”

The member of Congress, who wished to remain anonymous, also told Axios that questions about Donald Trump’s business dealings won’t be limited to just Russia, since there are several other countries that would be able to use financing of Trump’s businesses to influence the president.

“The issue of potential Persian Gulf money is the second-largest area of concern after Russia,” the congressman said. “They may be distinct but overlapping when it comes to, for example, funding the inauguration. There may have been efforts to illegally funnel Russian money as well as Gulf money.”

Ivanka’s name has come up before in the context of Trump family criminal activities, so it is no surprise that House investigators will be targeting her now.

In November we reported that special counsel Robert Mueller was looking into Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr.’s role in seeking to build a Trump Tower skyscraper in Moscow three years before their father’s presidential campaign.

Then in December we reported that Ivanka may have violated tax laws and is at the center of $40 million missing dollars from Trump‘s inaugural committee. We also reported that according to former National Enquirer bureau chief Jerry George, Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner both have engaged in criminal activity.

As if that wasn’t enough, last month we reported that Ivanka was being investigated for ethics violations because she failed to recuse herself from “personally and substantially” being involved in a Trump administration program that benefits Kushner.

And just last week we reported that there is new evidence showing that Donald Trump was skimming money off of his inaugural committee by having Ivanka illegally overcharge for hotel rooms.

It is obvious from the above list that Ivanka Trump was an active member through the years in the Trump Family criminal enterprise. She is not an innocent victim but a major figure and a willing participant in all illegal activities, scams, lies and frauds perpetrated by her father and her brothers.

Hopefully House Democrats will bring in Ivanka to testify under oath. She will be forced to either tell the truth and help investigators convict her father of crimes, or commit perjury and go to jail for lying.