Trump’s Own Justice Department Says His National Emergency Is Dead On Arrival

Donald Trump is preparing to declare a national emergency in order to obtain funding for his vanity wall on the southern border, but even his own administration admits the declaration will be dead on arrival.

According to ABC News, the Department of Justice has warned the president that courts will immediately block his national emergency, which will delay its implementation and further prove the point that there is no crisis on the border.

More from ABC News:

The Justice Department has warned the White House a national emergency declaration is nearly certain to be blocked by the courts on, at least, a temporary basis, preventing the immediate implementation of the president’s plan to circumvent Congress and build the wall using his executive powers, ABC News has learned.

However, a senior White House official tells ABC News that the White House is confident the administration can ultimately win the case on appeal.

Lawyers at the White House, the Department of Homeland Security and at the Pentagon have been working for weeks to iron out different options the president would have to obtain funds for his border wall.

Donald Trump’s national emergency is patently absurd

Donald Trump has been floating the idea of declaring a national emergency for his border wall for over a month. That fact alone is proof enough that there really isn’t just cause to make the declaration in the first place.

If Trump’s declaration gets caught up in legal trouble for weeks or longer, as his Justice Department warns, it will only further demonstrate how phony it is. After all, if you spend months teasing the idea of declaring a national emergency, chances are it isn’t really an emergency.

This is just another massive con job from a desperate president who lacks the ability and willingness to govern the country like a responsible adult.

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