Democratic Senator Warns That The Walls Are Closing In On Trump

Sen. Richard Blumenthal said that the walls are closing in on Trump and the odds are that Sarah Sanders knows something.

Sen. Blumenthal (D-CT) said on MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber, “More pieces in the mosaic are coming together. The walls are closing in on Donald Trump. And remember, it’s not only the Mueller investigation, but there’s virtually no aspect or facet of Trump world not under investigation right now. Mueller’s one aspect of it, but there’s also the southern district of New York. It’s the Trump Organization, the Trump Foundation, the Trump campaign, the Trump associates, who are going into the grand jury. This kind of progress says to me he’s done with manafort. He wants him sentenced. In prison. He is talking to people who are closest to the president, his communications person, who is sitting in on many of these meetings, and I know from my experience that the people who talk to the press for me have to know what’s really going on. So the chances are that Sarah Huckabee Sanders knows something.”


All aspects of Trump’s life are under investigation

Sen. Blumenthal brought up a great point. This isn’t a one-track investigation. If Bob Mueller’s report doesn’t get Trump impeached, there are still criminal proceedings in the Southern District of New York. There is the state of New York investigation into the Trump Foundation. There is a federal investigation into the Trump Inauguration committee.` The hush money payments to mistresses, and a wide variety of other potential crimes that still aren’t fully known.

Donald Trump is in a world of legal hurt, and none of this is going away in time for his reelection campaign.

The difference between Trump 2016 and Trump 2020 is that these criminal investigations do exist, and they are going to haunt him through Election Day 2020. The walls are closing in quickly, and Mueller doesn’t trip up Trump one of these other investigations most definitely will.

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