Democrats Fight Back And Launch Immediate Investigation Into Trump’s National Emergency

The House Judiciary Committee has announced an immediate investigation into Trump’s decision to declare a national emergency to get his wall.

House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler said, “President Trump’s attempt to strip Congress of its duty by declaring a national emergency at the southern border is a gross abuse of power that subverts the key principles laid out in the constitution. Congress, not the President, has the right to appropriate funding. Instead of these illegal and ill-conceived attempts to circumvent our laws, the President should work with Congress to achieve the necessary bipartisan reforms our immigration system needs.”

Read the full letter:

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”National Emergency Letter Final_0″]

Trump isn’t going to get away with declaring a national emergency and then running to his private club in Florida for the weekend. The consequences of Democrats controlling the House is that Trump can’t make these crackpot decisions anymore without being investigated and challenged. White House staff and Justice Department officials are going to be summoned before Congress to explain the decisionmaking process and the rationale for a national emergency.

The hearings will be vital to any legal challenge that House Democrats will mount to the emergency declaration.

Trump doesn’t realize that he is in a whole new world now. Democrats have power, and unlike Republicans in Congress, they aren’t afraid to use it. Democrats in both the House and the Senate for ready for Trump to pull the national emergency move. He has been telegraphing that he is going to try to violate the Constitution to get his wall for months.

House Democrats are coming after Trump and his bogus national emergency.

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