Trump Melts Down Into Gibberish While Declaring Emergency For His Wall

In an unhinged and rambling White House appearance, Trump said that he is declaring a national emergency to build his wall while also ranting about a variety of other topics.

Trump first lied about trade with China:

Trump ranted about the stock market:

The president steamed about Beto O’Rourke drawing a bigger crowd than he did in El Paso:

Trump tried to justify his national emergency with a claim that immigrants are invading America:

He also called for the death penalty for drug dealers and did a racist impression of a Chinese person:

Trump also claimed that Obama deserves zero credit for the economy:

Trump convinced the country that he is crazy, not that there is a national emergency

Trump couldn’t make an argument for a national emergency, so he ranted about everything else that was bothering him. Trump claimed that the violating the Constitution by taking money away from where Congress appropriated it was no big deal, and he generally showed s severe state of mental decline that instead of enabling, Republicans in the Senate should be moving immediately to block Trump’s planned emergency declaration.

Trump proved that he is the national emergency and that Congress must act to block the unhinged and unconstitutional actions of this president.

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